How do I get my car out of impound?

  • Ensure all police holds are taken care of with the police department.
  • Bring in your valid drivers license or current state issued ID.
  • Towing fees will need to be paid before the car can be released.

I’m interested in having my luxury car transported, do you do that?

  • Of course, we recommend safely transporting your car on one of our flat bed trucks. Feel free to contact us for the specifics.Luxury cars getting towed on a flatbed.

Why did you tow my car without contacting me first?

  • We were called by a third party that signed they are responsible for initiating the tow. Our job is to ensure your car is safely put in a secure place.

How long will you hold a vehicle in impound?

  • That is determined by the law enforcement agency that towed your car.

If the city had my car towed, do I have to pay my ticket before claiming my vehicle?

  • No. Our towing services are paid for separately from your ticket fees.


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