Our Staff

Photo of Alvin Last
Alvin Last
Driver/Lot Attendant

Al has worked for Darrah’s since Sept 2004. Al is responsible for all duties concerning our storage lot. He also operates a flatbed tow truck, our off road equipment, the end loader and car crusher. Al has been married to DeeAnn for 24 years! They have 2 children, 7 grandchildren and 1 great grand daughter. Al is an avid NASCAR race fan.

Photo of Bob Last
Bob Last
Book Keeper

Bob has been with Darrah’s since 1992 when he married into the Darrah family. Bob’s main responsibility is to enter all financial data into the computer system and generate monthly statements. However, being married to the owner also makes Bob the general “go to” man. He picks up the slack for any office job that needs done where there is not an employee handy to do it. He fills in at the dispatch station and is capable of all other office responsibilities. Contrary to what most people would think, Bob does not operate the towing equipment. Bob loves classical music and old black and white movies.

Photo of Bobby Last
Bobby Last
Tow Truck Operator
Photo of Carmela Last
Carmela Last

Carmela is the second generation owner of Darrah’s. She started working for her Dad, Fred Darrah in 1985 answering customer’s telephone calls on the overnight shift. Now, as President of the company she oversees the entire operation. Typically you will find Carm in the background of the office or shop area supervising & motivating the employees. Carmela is married to Bob. They have 2 children Robert and Demetra. Carm homeschools their children and enjoys teaching them how to be business entrepeneurs. The Darrah-Chiafos family enjoys Rough Rider hockey games and Kernel’s baseball.

Photo of Chris Last
Chris Last
Tow Truck Operator
Photo of Christine Last
Christine Last

You can find Christine in the office dispatching or helping customer’s get their vehicle out of impound. Christine has been with Darrah’s since Fall of 2014. Christine and her husband enjoy spending time with their kids and many pets. They enjoy fishing and just hanging around the house watching the many movies that they collect. On nice days you might even find her out cruising the streets on her Harley.

Photo of Chuck Last
Chuck Last
Tow Truck Operator
Photo of Dallas Last
Dallas Last
Tow Truck Operator
Photo of Darrell Last
Darrell Last
Photo of Earnest Last
Earnest Last

Glenn recently moved to Iowa from Minnesota. He has been towing vehicles for 15 years. Glenn rekindled a relationship with the love of his life, Angela two years ago. Together they have 6 children and fondly refer to themselves as the Brady Bunch. On their time off, they like to relax at the park with their dogs and children. They go to craft shows and collect mineral rocks and NASCAR models.

Photo of Edward Last
Edward Last
Tow Truck Operator
Photo of Frederick Last
Frederick Last
Storage Lot Attendant

Fritz is the employee who escorts customer’s to their vehicle in our storage lot. He also takes care of most of the building and land maintenance. Fritz is married to Pat. Together they have two grown sons Vince and Scot, and 2 grandchildren. When Fritz is not working you will find him watching stock car races.

Photo of Gary Last
Gary Last

Gary is a flatbed driver for Darrah’s. He has been with the company for about 2 years. Gary enjoys anything outdoors and doing home improvement projects in his free time. Gary has two teenage daughters – Wendy and Sarah. They also have a dog, a cat and fish!

Photo of James Last
James Last
Tow Truck Operator
Photo of Jerry Last
Jerry Last
Overnight Dispatcher

Jerry is our overnight dispatcher.  Jerry has been with Darrah’s many years.

Photo of Johnny Last
Johnny Last

Johnny has worked for Darrah’s for over 4 years driving a flatbed tow truck.  He is married to Kelly.  Johnny tinkers with fixing & detailing cars on his time off.

Photo of Nikki Last
Nikki Last

Nikki has been dispatching at Darrah’s for 9 years. Nikki is definitely a multitasker!   She takes all incoming calls from customers and makes sure to send the right equipment to get the job done. Nikki is married to Ivy. They have 4 children, Caitlin, Lyfe, Wizdom and Kiva. When Nikki isn’t working, she spends time with her family barbequing in the park or just relaxing.

Photo of Ramona Last
Ramona Last

Ramona is responsible for answering the phones in Darrah’s dispatch center and getting tow trucks to where they need to go. On weekends and evenings all summer long, you will find Ramona outside working in her garden and canning enough food to have fresh home grown vegetables all winter.

Photo of Robert Last
Robert Last
Lot Attendant
Photo of Tim Last
Tim Last
Dispatcher/ Tow Truck Operator

Tim has been with Darrah’s since August 2013. You can usually find Tim in the office dispatching and answering phone calls.  Although sometimes you can find him out towing cars with the rest of the crew. Tim originally started working at Darrah’s as a dispatcher and is now driving and dispatching for the company!

Photo of Ty Last
Ty Last
Heavy Equipment Operator

Ty has been with Darrah’s since the summer of 2014. He can operate all of the equipment here at Darrah’s.  Ty is also a 9 year veteran from the Marines.

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